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« From your first sparkle ideas to the astonishment achievement »


Our professional team will listen to your Wishes to understand your needs, expectations and dreams for your special Day

We will help you to find the perfect venue, catering or animations to blow your guests minds

We will take care of any tiny detail to remove your stress away and lead you to concrete your style of event


 « Each occasion to reunify must be outstanding but needs to stick to your finances »

Our expert team will suggest you the right logistic to divide your Budget according to priorities

It's very important to follow a budget breakdown, knowing the main costs must be divided the best way among :

Venue, catering, bartending, DJ, music band, flowers, decorations, transportation, photos/videos...

« Time flies, whether you're wasting it or not »


As soon as you save the date, you will feel as enthusiastic as in a hurry

Take a deep breath, our professional team is already taking care of the Timing

Trust us to be organised with you from the conception to the execution

« We orchestrate every parts to create your masterpiece »

Our job is to be the glue between you and all the suppliers to produce your dream

This is why we collaborate with the best Partners in their domain

We join our "savoir-faire", knowledges, skills, talents and passion for our job to master your soirée

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